How can you increase electricity

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Electricity is the life line of the modern world.

With out it life as we know it will not be possible.

How can we generate more cheap electricity?




Theart theory number 3. The Theart multiplier

To understand the Theart multiplier you must first understand the basic workings of a dynamo. A dynamo generates electricity by spinning windings of wire between two magnetic felts. The magnetic felts pushes the electrodes within the wires thou a circuited. This is how we generate electricity. The Theart multiplier works in the same way as a dynamo, but unlike most modern generates that use non renewable resources, the Theart multiplier uses electricity to generate more electricity. But how does it work? There is three main factors that determents how much electricity you can produce from a dynamo or generator. 1. The amount of windings in the generator. 2. The speed at which the generator is spinning at. 3 The strength of the magnetic felt used
 The Theart multiplier uses these factors to increase the available electricity. To build a Theart multiplier you will need an electrical motor, a power source, 8 magnets, a double split ring, and wires.
 This is how you built a Theart multiplier. At the core of the Theart multiplier you have your electrical motor. Around your electrical motor you built a dynamo that is double or more in diameter of the electrical motor. Your dynamo must have 4 magnets surrounding the edges. Instead of the normal split ring you will need a ring with four parts because you will have two positive poles and two negative poles. Your electrical motor must be separated from your dynamo with non magnetic material. Around this non magnetic material you will place 4 magnets. The pools on these magnets must matches up with the magnetic pools of the magnets on the outer ring of your dynamo. The core of your electrical motor has to be connected to the windings section of your dynamo (the windings is the wires that will spin inside the dynamo). It is important that use light weight material. Remember your dynamo has 4 magnets and thus 4 sections. The windings in one of these sections must be halve or more; then what the electrical motors has in total.
 Now that your Theart multiplier is completed, how does it work? Under perfect conditions, you dynamo would produce double or more then the amount of electricity the electrical motor uses. Thus increasing your electrical output.
The Theart multiplier has more windings then the electrical motor and is spinning at a higher speed. Remember when you built the dynamo ever 1/4 has the same amount of windings then halve of the electrical motor. The Theart multiplier spins faster because the distance it has to cover is greater than the distance the electrical motor covers and changes from positive to negative at double the speed because it has four sections instead of the normal two. The Theart multiplier uses two sets of magnets one set on the outer edge and magnets at the bottom. The capacity can be pushed higher by using electron magnets, running the motor in a vacuum and/or cooling the motor to absolute zero.

Just remember energy can not be created or destroyed but can only be changed into a different form. The Theart multiplier, does not really increase the energy but transforms, motion, magnetic energy and the energy in the wires into electric energy.


How to increase energy Part 2

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