Why do we have extreme blizzards during global warming?

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There are a very large number of factors that influence global weather; that is why weather is so difficult to predict. The 3 main factors that influence global weather is the sun, our oceans and ice.

To understand why we have big blizzards during a time of global warming, we have to understand what happens when a large quantity of ice melts and enters our oceans. Fresh water is less dense then sea water and like oil flouts on water fresh water flouts on sea water. The sea currents feeds warm water to the poles and cold water to the equator keeping our weather mild, but because fresh water does not sink it does not circulate warm water from the equator to the poles.  The fresh water at the poles cools down during winter creating extreme cold weather, during summer it heats up creating big heat waves.

During a La Nina year the ocean creates a high pressure in the west of North America forcing the cold weather to Europe. That is why the UK had cold weather in 2009. During an El Nino year a low pressure is created on the North American west coast resulting in wet weather in California and heavy snow in the north eastern area of North America like in 2010.

The effects of global warming are increased after these extreme cold spells, because in the summer all the snow and ice melts, adding to the fresh water layer on the oceans.

Warmer temperatures also means that the air can absorb more water, and what goes up will also come down. This scientific fact alone will lead to more precipitation, in the form of rain and snow.

The sun will also give global warming a helping hand in 2012. Scientists have released that there is a major flood or hurricane every year in which we experience a solar storm. In 2012 we will experience our next solar storm.

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