The Power of Super Volcanoes

Angelic Scorn brings you the power of super volcanoes. Super volcanoes like Yellowstone super volcano can change life forever.  Will it erupt in 2012?

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Super Volcanoes


Super Volcanoes

What is a Super Volcano? A super volcano is a volcano that can eject more then a trillion tons of material in to the atmosphere. A super volcano eruption can be so big that it can cover an entire continent with ash and can change the entire planets climate for years to come. For more information on climate change click here Climate change.

How many super volcanoes are there on earth? There are a few known super volcanoes on earth and there maybe many more. Because of their size it is very difficult to find and identify super volcanoes. Examples of super volcanoes are: 1) Vilama Caldera in Argentina, 2) Yellowstone long valley USA, 3) Valles Caldera USA, 4) Lake Toba Sumatra Indonesia, 5) Taupe volcano North island New Zealand, 6) Aira Caldera Japan.

Can super volcanoes case climate change? Yes they do. A super volcano ejects tons of material in to the atmosphere blocking out sun light. Super volcanoes also produce large amounts of SO2 which mix with water in the upper levels of earth atmosphere. This creates H2SO4 with blocks out shine and acts as a mirror and reflects sun light away from earth’s surface. After a super volcano eruption several years of cooling follows. The last big super volcano eruption, nearly wiped out mankind. For more information on climate change click here Climate change.

Are there a super volcano preparing to erupt? Yellowstone super volcano has had several earthquake swarms over the last century. The earthquake 2009/10 has been one of the biggest and longest in recorded history. The earth above the volcano has been rising over the last few years, and at times part of the Yellowstone National park has been closed due to SO2 gas escaped from the earth. The USGS has released a report in 2010 that the Yellowstone magma chamber is much large the previous thought and it has a banana shape. The magma chamber is appearing to be rising in the North West right under the Teton fault line. The Teton fault line has have several earthquake swarms over the last few years, creating fears with some that a big earthquake on this fault line could open up the Yellowstone magma chamber.  Several earth quakes where recorded at Yellowstone just after a big quake was recorded in Mexico, just south of the California border. This created fears that a big earth quake in California could damage and weaken the rock above the Yellowstone magma chamber.  The USGS has reported that the Yellowstone magma chamber only contains 25persent melted material and that the volcano needs at least 50present melted material to erupt. Vilama super volcano is located in what volcanologists call a volcano nursery. This volcano nursery is located where the Bolivia, Chile and Argentina borders meet. The reason why the area is called a volcano nursery is because this area is connected directly to the San Andreas Fault line. In other words the San Andreas Fault line can supply this area with melted material over a relative short period of time. Vilama has been experiencing earthquake swarms similar to those of Yellowstone but no other information is available at this point in time. Aira super volcano located in Japan has had several eruptions over the last few years but all of them were small. Airas’ last super eruption was 22 000years ago. This however shows that super volcanoes do not always have big eruptions. Yellowstone and Vilama super volcano is widely considered to be the two most dangers active super volcanoes, but both of them are not showing signs of erupting at this point in time. For more information on seismic activity click here Increasing seismic activity


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